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3 Natural Disasters to Be Aware of Year-Round

Nature can be beautiful but destructive. When those destructive powers affect your commercial or residential property, the aftermath can be devastating. That is where your insurance company might begin documenting damage. Natural disasters of all kinds can wreak havoc in a short period, leaving you to handle extensive property damage insurance claims. Luckily, there is help available at Expert Claim Solutions. We are your tri-state area natural disaster claims professionals. 

With our help, tackling the aftermath of recent natural disaster damage to your property won’t be such a daunting task. We help you work with your insurance company to document damage and fight for a fair settlement in the form of your highest payout possible. Learn more today by visiting our website or calling to speak with a seasoned adjuster today! Here are three natural disasters to be aware of year-round. 

Wind-Related Natural Disaster Damage

The first year-round threat to your property is wind damage-related disasters. Not only do serious storms like tornadoes pose threats when it comes to wind damage, but even smaller events like thunderstorms can cause problems. Thunderstorms with increased wind speed can tear apart homes, businesses, and other buildings on your property fast. Shearing away shingles on your roof or destroying siding, these extreme winds don’t hold back when it comes to damage. That is why your seasoned tri-state area natural disaster claims adjuster won’t hold back, either. We are precise when it comes to documenting damage which helps you receive a better payout from your insurance company.  

Hurricane Claims 

Secondly, hurricanes are not uncommon along the coastal areas in the tri-state area. Even if you live further inland, hurricanes can cause excessive damage to your property. While you can reduce damage by heeding weather alerts and boarding up windows, some property damage is unavoidable. When hurricanes take place, the damage is often devastating. The best way to ensure your business or residential property recovers is by hiring a professional natural disaster claims adjuster to work by your side during your claims process. 

Earthquakes Disaster Claims 

While not as common, earthquakes can happen anywhere year-round. They are a threat that is often overlooked, especially in the tri-state area. However, it just takes a small earthquake to ruin your property. That is why it is best to be prepared by knowing that your local New Jersey area claims adjuster can help if an earthquake were to occur. With natural disaster claims in earthquake damage under our belt, Expert Claim Solutions is here in case the ground beneath you gets a little too shaky. 

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Disaster won’t hold back, and neither should you when it comes to your natural disaster claims proceedings. To get the help you deserve, you need a seasoned claims adjuster by your side. Call Expert Claim Solutions for professional help with all your natural disaster claims. Contact us by phone at 609-800-5540 today. 

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