Smoke damage insurance claims adjusters.

3 Reasons You Might Need a Smoke Damage Claims Adjuster

Smoke damage can be some of the worst property damage for any homeowner to face. The acrid smell of smoke can linger in the air long after a fire if proper remediation is not sought. In order to process restoration services properly, homeowners must work with their insurance company to begin a smoke damage insurance claim. However, this process can be challenging to tackle without any help. Insurance companies might fight and give you the minimum payout. However, hiring a smoke damage insurance claims adjuster in the tri-state area can help you fight for what you deserve.

Expert Claim Solutions handles both commercial and residential smoke damage claims.

When smoke damages your home, don’t settle for a small payout from your insurance company and have to wait even longer to restore your home. You need the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions to help you with your insurance claim. Learn more by visiting our website. Here are three reasons you might need a smoke damage claims adjuster. 

Smoke Damage Insurance Claims Are Severe

There are different types of smoke damage. Secondary damage after a fire refers to damage caused by smoke residue, gases, and fumes. Smoke damage can be even more dangerous than initial fire damage because it lingers in the air and can release harmful chemicals.

The four main types of smoke damage include dry smoke, protein residue, wet smoke, and fuel residue damage. Each poses a unique threat and originates from different factors such as the temperature of the fire, the materials fueling the fire, and even the fire’s location. Expert Claim Solutions can help with all types of smoke damage. In any case, smoke damage can be minor or severe. You might need a smoke damage insurance claims adjuster if your insurance company is taking longer to process your claims due to severe smoke damage. 

Your Smoke Damage Insurance Claims Need Refiling

If you believe you have received an unfair insurance claim settlement, then you might need to bring in the expert help of a smoke damage insurance adjuster. With years of experience under our belts at Expert Claim Solutions, we can help you fight for what you deserve. We work directly with local insurance companies in the tri-state area to help expedite the entire process. After you call us, we will help inspect your property, document evidence of damage, and get witnesses’ accounts to help you receive the highest settlement possible. 

Damage Persists After Restoration Efforts

If smoke damage persists after professional restoration efforts, then you might require the additional support of a New Jersey claims adjuster. Expert Claim Solutions works with local smoke damage restoration companies. This helps us put you on the right track to a successful restoration. Plus, additional restoration efforts will cost you more out-of-pocket unless you work with an adjuster who can fight for the right amount of money to cover restoration from your insurance company. 

Contact Our Smoke Damage Insurance Claims Experts

Smoke damage should not be taken lightly, and it can happen to anyone. When you have suffered recent residential or commercial smoke damage, act fast! Contact Expert Claim Solutions to help you fight for the highest settlement possible. Smoke damage insurance claims can be easier with the right professional help. Learn more today by visiting our website. You can also call or email us today at or 609-800-5540.

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