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3 Types of Damage that Might Require Insurance Adjustments

As a homeowner, you know many types of property damage can happen without warning. When damage of any type occurs on your property, the insurance claims process can be grueling. Without proper representation from an insurance adjuster you can trust, you might not get an honest settlement from your insurance company. Therefore, hiring a reliable adjuster with a variety of expertise is a wise choice to fight for your rightful settlement and restore your property quickly. Expert Claim Solutions can help with multiple types of insurance claims, from fire and smoke damage to water damage and even natural disaster-related damage. Here are three types of damage that might require insurance adjustments. 

At Expert Claim Solutions, we can handle both commercial and residential damage insurance claims. Our trained professionals know how to tackle damage assessments both large and small across the tri-state area. We are licensed and bonded in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Expert Claim Solutions is here for you, no matter what degree of fire damage you have sustained. 

Fire-Related Damage 

Unfortunately, many factors can cause fires that spread quickly. Once a fire begins, there is usually not much a homeowner can do to stop the damage until fire safety personnel arrives. In the aftermath of a fire, there are more concerns and hazards that need to be treated as soon as possible, including smoke damage. 

Smoke can leave harmful residue on surfaces in your home and put you at risk of breathing problems. Smoke inhalation is one of the leading medical issues after fire-related incidents. When a fire happens on your property, primary and secondary damage might both be present. As a result, insurance adjustments are likely to be required after a detailed initial inspection. 

Types of Insurance Claims: Water Damage 

Water damage is another serious form of property damage that usually requires insurance adjustments. This damage can occur from a variety of sources. Water damage issues might be caused by flooding due to heavy rainfall, burst pipes, or plumbing leaks. Untreated water damage can cause structural issues, lead to mold growth, and harbor dangerous microbial contaminants on your property. It’s best to treat water damage issues as soon as possible. To fix your water property damage, you will need to fight for a fair settlement with your New Jersey insurance adjuster at Expert Claim Solutions. 

Types of Insurance Claims: Storm Damage 

Finally, storm damage might require an insurance adjuster you can count on. When storms happen, they can leave a wide path of destruction. Sometimes you can solve the effects of storms quickly because they are minor. Other times, it can take a lot of money and months of work to get your home back to normal. Regardless of the degree of damage your property has sustained, harmful storm-related wind and water damage can make your insurance claims process longer. Luckily, the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions are here to help you. 

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