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3 Types of Residential Claims You Might Require in the Tri-State Area

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially if you’ve recently sustained property damage. There are many threats to residential properties in the tri-state area that can occur naturally or by accident. Dealing with your insurance company in the aftermath of property damage can be chaotic. However, you don’t have to tackle your tri-state residential claim alone. A New Jersey claims adjuster can help you fight for your highest settlement possible and get you the payout you deserve. 

Expert Claim Solutions handles residential claims of all types, including fire, smoke, water, and storm-related claims. Learn more about our services and visit our website today for a free consultation. Here are three types of residential claims you might have in the tri-state area.  

Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire damage can happen to even the most diligent of homeowners. Once a fire starts, it can move rapidly, destroying a significant amount of your property in a short period. Therefore, the aftermath of recent fire damage is often some of the worst damage possible. Plus, fires can be accompanied by secondary damage from smoke and even water from first responders. That means you could sustain further damage to your property even after the fire has stopped. 

One of the leading causes of fire-related injury is smoke inhalation, not burns. The smoke itself leaves harmful residue on surfaces inside your property, which can lead to health and structural risks. Expert Claim Solutions’ tri-state residential claims adjusters can help you achieve the best results in your fire or smoke damage claims. Our experts have years of experience at fire damage scenes, so we know what to look for and how to document damage accurately. 

Storm Damage Tri-State Residential Claims

The tri-state area is the perfect breeding ground for fierce storms. Natural disasters can happen without notice and leave property owners facing extensive damage. Usually, many repairs and restorations are required after severe storms in the tri-state area. Therefore, tri-state residential claims can get complicated without the guidance of a seasoned insurance adjuster you can trust. Regardless of the nature of the storm or natural disaster damage you have sustained, our professional adjusters are here to help at Expert Claim Solutions. 

Water Damage Claims

Finally, your tri-state residential claims experts can help you when water damage occurs on your property. Everything from recent heavy rainfall to flash floods or pipes bursting inside your home can require water damage claims. Since minor water damage issues often contribute to significant problems in your home, it’s best to act fast. The sooner you begin the insurance claims process, the sooner you can return to life as usual. For the best tri-state residential claims after water damage, hire your local insurance adjusters to help you work with the insurance company. 

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Fighting your insurance company alone is a stressful task. However, Expert Claim Solutions is here to help you with all your tri-state residential claims. Whether you have sustained fire, smoke, storm or water damage, we can help! So please don’t wait – contact us by phone at 609-800-5540 today. 

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