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3 Ways to Get More Money after Property Damage

Nobody wants to deal with the consequences of property damage. When property damage of any type occurs at your residence, your insurance company will begin your claims process. However, they won’t always give you a fair settlement for the extent of your property damage. Many insurance companies don’t necessarily give a fair payout until individuals fight for their rights with an independent insurance adjuster. It shouldn’t matter what type of damage has occurred on your property; you deserve the highest payout possible for sustained damage. To get what you deserve, there are a few measures you can take during your property damage insurance claim process. 

Calling Expert Claim Solutions is a key step to fighting for what you need after property damage. At Expert Claim Solutions, our insurance adjusters are waiting to help you get the best payout for your recently sustained damage of any type. Whether damage was caused by a storm, fire, or water-related incident, we have you covered. Additionally, our adjusters have over 25 years of experience across the tri-state area.

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Here are three ways to get more money after property damage with Expert Claim Solutions. 

Report Property Damage Insurance Claims Immediately

One of the most important ways to get a fair payout for property damage is to report damage as soon as possible. Usually, the longer you wait to report damage, the more likely insurance companies will state that something isn’t right or fail to document evidence properly. Plus, some important factors can change quickly, such as fire and smoke damage. For instance, smoke odors might not be as strong a week after an incident as they would be a day after. Reporting damage as it happens with proper documentation is one of the first ways to get more money after property damage. 

We can help at Expert Claim Solutions. We have experience with all types of property damage and can fight for your claimsright away. However, nothing can begin without you initiating the documentation and reporting process to your insurance company.  

Hire Expert Claim Solutions Insurance Adjusters 

Secondly, you should consider hiring our experienced insurance adjusters at Expert Claim Solutions. Property damage insurance claims can get ugly if you don’t have the right resources at your fingertips. We know how to work with insurance companies to give you a helping hand during your claim process. These valued relationships help us work with insurance companies instead of against them to fight for more money for our clients. 

Be Upfront and Honest with Property Damage Insurance Claims

Finally, remember that honesty will get you further during your property damage insurance claims process. Be sure to document all evidence thoroughly, both before and while your insurance company inspection team is present. Disclose all damage and other concerns with your property. While this alone won’t get you more money from your claim process, it sure can help in the long run. 

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Don’t let the chaos of recent property damage overwhelm you. Call Expert Claim Solutions today to get started with your property damage insurance claims process. Keep in mind these three tips to increase chances of a better payout, and ask your insurance adjuster about their services. Staying in the loop and ahead of the game is your best bet when it comes to any type of property damage insurance claims. Call us today at (609) 800-5540 or email us at for more information. 

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