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4 Ways Fire Damage Can Slow Down Your Claims Process

When a fire occurs on your property, many issues can follow. There’s the initial damage itself, of course, but there are also subsequent types of damage such as smoke residue, water damage from firefighters, and structural damage. Furthermore, you have to deal with your insurance company to initiate a claims process in hopes of receiving a fair payout. The entire thing can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t have a reliable support system.

To make matters worse, fire damage can drastically slow your claims process and is one of the most stressful types of property damage to combat. When it comes to your fire damage claim, you need to trust the experts at Expert Claim Solutions. With years of experience under our belts dealing with minor and major fire damage claims, we can act fast and work with your insurance company for a fair settlement process. Call us today to get started or visit our website for more information. Here are four ways fire damage can slow down your claims process. 

Waiting On Fire Personnel

After a fire, first responders and fire personnel have to complete their documentation of the scene. In some cases, this necessitates an investigation into the type of damage caused by the fire as well as other factors. The process might even include interviewing eyewitnesses or neighbors who can provide vital information about the nature of the fire. You might have to wait on fire personnel to conduct their business before your insurance company can get too involved. 

Insurance Companies Don’t Act Fast

While sometimes you get lucky and are provided with a swift claims process, generally insurance companies simply don’t work fast. Luckily, having the right representation from a tri-state area claims adjuster from Expert Claim Solutions can help expedite the process. When it comes to fire damage claims, our professionals know how to work with your insurance company. We keep things running smoothly – guaranteed. 

Fire Damage Can Lead to Other Issues 

Sometimes your claims process is also slowed because fire damage can cause so many other issues. Insurance companies can’t document evidence of damage when damage is still occurring or the property is still unsafe to enter for this documentation process. Smoke residue and other types of severe smoke damage are often present in the aftermath of a fire. Until fire experts deem a property safe to enter, it is often impossible to accurately document the full scope of property damage caused by a fire. Furthermore, your building could collapse due to structural issues at any time, causing further damage which then needs to be addressed separately. 

Inexperienced Insurance Representatives

Finally, you might have to wait on your fire damage claim due to inexperienced insurance representatives. It seems unlikely but it happens more often than not. Your insurance company doesn’t have the same experience in detailed claims processes as a local adjuster. Therefore, your best bet when it comes to tri-state area fire damage claims is to reach out to the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions.  

Contact Expert Claim Solutions For Fire Damage Claims

You should not worry about these four reasons that your fire damage claims might be impaired. If you have Expert Claim Solutions by your side, you have all the help you need. However, these issues are important to be aware of so we can help take the burden off your shoulders. Let us help you deal with stressful fire damage.

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