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How to Document Property Damage for Insurance Claims

After property damage occurs, you’ll probably want to begin your insurance claims process right away. However, it is unwise to dive too quickly into a claim if you lack the ability to properly document damage. Therefore, it’s important to work with a seasoned insurance adjuster in the tri-state area. Expert Claim Solutions is your tri-state area’s professional team of insurance adjusters. We can handle claims of all kinds, including water damage, fire/smoke damage, natural disaster damage, and storm damage. Count on us any time disaster strikes a little too close to home. We will help you accurately and quickly document your property damage. In fact, our claims documentation process works closely with your insurance company so we never miss any important details in fighting for a fair payout. Learn more by visiting our website today. Here is how to document property damage for insurance claims. 

Report Property Damage Immediately

The first step in accurate property claims documentation is to always report damage as soon as possible. Waiting to document damage can actually slow down your insurance process and give insurance companies reasons to deduct from your final payout. After you have checked that everyone in your household is safe, call your insurance company and Expert Claim Solutions right away. We will work with your insurance company to begin your claims process.  

Claims Documentation with Photos and Videos

Another useful tip is to take photos and videos of damage on your property. When we arrive to start the claims documentation process, we’ll help your insurance company document evidence in detail. A thorough inspection of your entire property needs to be done as soon as possible. There might be more severe damage than you realize as a property owner. Our expert eyes and inspection team can locate all types of property damage and document them using photos, videos, and written evidence. 

Contact Expert Claim Solutions Today!

Nobody likes dealing with the chaos of property damage alone. Furthermore, the claims documentation process can take more time than many homeowners initially think and leave them stressing over everything that has to be done. That is why the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions are here for you anytime to help expedite your claims process. 

An insurance adjuster’s job is to step up to the plate and help you receive the payout you deserve. If you need property damage claims documentation for fire, smoke, water, storm or natural disaster damage, contact us today! Expert Claim Solutions has over 26 years of experience helping clients get what they deserve from their insurance companies. Call us today at (609) 800-5540 or email us at for more information.

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