What We Do

Expert Claim Solutions takes your property loss to heart. Your claim is our reputation! As your advocate, we work tirelessly with your insurance company to get you the best settlements possible. 

With over 26 years of experience, we are experts in handling commercial and residential fire and smoke claims, catastrophic natural disasters, explosions, property damage, and more. 

You can trust us to make your claims process easier, more efficient, and help you choose the restoration (mitigation) company to get your work done right the first time.


Fire Loss

Fire loss doesn’t just damage physical structures; it’s also traumatic. We understand your loss is a personal one, entangled with complex emotions and difficult loss. You may feel overwhelmed and not know what to do first. 

Our goal is to help begin the healing process by working directly with you to ensure all your insurance and restoration documentation is complete so that your claims process is as smooth as possible and happens quickly. 

There are two types of fire damage: primary and secondary. Primary fire damage refers to the damage caused directly by the flames. Secondary fire damage refers to the destruction that occurs due to smoke, soot, and toxins released within the fire, as well as the water and other damage from the fire company. In some cases, secondary damage can be more destructive than the primary fire. 

Expert Claim Solutions fights for you to ensure your property is brought back to pre-loss condition without cutting any corners. Our professional team conducts a full dwelling and personal property damage report. We take on the burden of documenting all that you’ve lost and work with you to ensure nothing is overlooked and you receive all the monies to which you are entitled. 

You must consider hiring a restoration (mitigation) company experienced in fire damage as quickly as possible to help get you back on track. These companies know how to mitigate damage, and protect your property from further damage. 

Our connections within the industry mean we have close associations with some of the best restoration (mitigation) companies in the area. Make sure Expert Claim Solutions is helping guide you through the restoration process. 

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters include hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, ice storms, lightning, snowstorms, and many others. 

Due to our proximity to the Atlantic Coast, our more common disasters are hurricanes and flooding; however, a quick summer shower has also been known to cause lightning damage, too.  

No matter the damage Mother Nature inflicts, our professional team at Expert Claim Solutions is here to advocate for you. Don’t try to deal with your insurance company alone; our experienced team will handle all necessary documentation, and communication, and recommend the very best mitigation company to help you get back to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible. 

Common Aftermaths of Natural Disasters Include: 

  • Water contamination
  • Fire due to downed power lines and gas leaks
  • Environmental impact due to plant and tree erosion 
  • Widespread flood zones leading to total property foundation erosion 
  • Development of dangerous mold growth caused by sitting water
  • Fire, power surge, and shock wave damage due to lighting storms

Water Damage

At the first sign of water damage, it is important to call professional mitigation specialists. Water is a powerful force and can cause catastrophic losses. Water damage is often caused by pipes bursting, appliance malfunctions, sewage backup, and flooding etc. 

No matter the cause, the effect can be devastating. Water seeps under doors and walls, into tile and wooden flooring, damages electrical wiring, and if left undetected can cause major structural damage and potentially harmful mold growth. 

Depending on your insurance policy, some water damages may not be covered. Expert Claim Solutions can help you identify what is covered within your policy and start the claims process to get the best settlement possible. 

About Us

Expert Claim Solutions has Decades of experience. We are certified by Vale National Institute in Property Damage Evaluation and Policy Language Interpretation. We are also certified by the Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for smoke and water damage restoration. 

Our team is professionally trained in critical tools of the trade, including Xactimate estimating software, to better provide you with the most precise valuations for your losses. 

Our team prides itself on utilizing our relationships with other businesses in the industry to make your claims process easier. We can also help you choose the best mitigation company to get your restoration work done correctly the first time. 

We serve the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware tri-state areas. 

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