Fire Damage

When a fire happens on your property, getting to safety should be your top priority. However, in the aftermath of a fire, your property damage is staring you in the face and is a major concern. Fire damage is something everybody hopes they will never have to encounter. Fire can cause many types of damage within a short period. When you experience fire damage, call the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions to help you get the highest insurance payout possible.  

Causes of fires

Many factors can contribute to fires. Noting some common potential causes of fire may help you prevent them from happening. At Expert Claim Solutions, we want to help you avoid fire damage in the first place but should it happen, we will fight for you. Residential house fires cost six to eight billion dollars or more in annual damage to Americans. Here are some of the most common causes of fires. 

Cooking Fires

These are very common since most people use cooking areas multiple times a day. When cooking on an open range, the chances of a fire increase versus cooking in an enclosed oven because of the open flame. Always have smoke detectors in cooking areas, never add water to grease fires, and stay near food when cooking.


As much as we love our children, they don’t always understand the hidden dangers that lurk in ordinary objects. About 7,100 fires are accidentally started by children every year, which is a significant amount. It’s a good idea to teach your children the dangers of fire and how to avoid starting them from an early age. Do not keep flammable substances or objects near areas that children may be able to access. 

Christmas Lights

We all love the colorful, bright lights we see adorning trees and homes during the winter months, but they can harbor hidden dangers. Dry Christmas trees create an environment that is easy to ignite should a light spark at just the wrong moment. Therefore, remove trees when they begin to dry out, check to make sure all electrical wiring is done safely, and enjoy a safe Christmas season.

Appliance Malfunctions

We love our appliances; they make our lives so much easier. Imagine our appliances creating a dangerous fire, and you might not like them so much anymore. However, while they’re not the most common cause of house fires, appliances can malfunction. To alleviate the chances of this happening, have your devices inspected immediately and always call a maintenance specialist when a problem arises. 

Fire Damage

At Expert Claim Solutions, we can handle both commercial and residential fire damage insurance claims. Our trained professionals know how to tackle damage assessments both large and small across the tri-state area. Licensed and bonded in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, we are here for you no matter what degree of fire damage you have sustained. 

Types of Fire Damage

There are many types of fire damage, all of which are equally devastating in their own way. Some damage may be particularly devastating because it leaves homes exposed to the elements and vulnerable to further damage. 

The two main types of fire damage are primary and secondary damage.

Primary Fire Damage

This refers to any damage that occurred because of direct contact with flames.

Secondary Fire Damage

Secondary damage is any further damage that occurred due to smoke, gases, and other flammable substances released after the fire.

Health risks of fire damage

Unfortunately, fire damage can also damage your family’s health. After the initial fire, everyone may be okay, but there are still several hazards to navigate. Hopefully, nobody has sustained burns, but if so, they should be treated as soon as possible. Another immediate concern is smoke inhalation. Harmful smoke can lurk in the lungs, leading to cancer and breathing problems. Furthermore, there could be deadly microscopic particles in the air you’re breathing, causing a range of issues, including runny nose and aggravated chronic heart and lung disease. 

Other risks include your home’s structural integrity being compromised due to the fire. After a fire, it is never a good idea to re-enter your home. Only a trained professional can tell you when it is safe to enter your home. You never know the extent of the damage. If key structural elements were damaged significantly during the fire, the entire building could collapse. 

No matter the degree or type of fire damage sustained, it is critical that you seek professional medical help as soon as possible; it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is also important to note that certain groups may be at higher risk than others, including pregnant women, elderly people, children, and those who have pre-existing lung and heart problems. Expert Claim Solutions is here to help you safely assess your fire damage property insurance claims without risking further health concerns to you and your family. 

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