Natural Disaster Damage

Natural disasters have posed hazards to people since the beginning of time. These phenomena are widely studied but still somewhat of a mystery and unavoidable. With advances in technology, scientists have become better at accurately predicting and warning citizens of potential disasters. However, nothing can prepare individuals for the power and damage of these natural occurrences. 

As a homeowner, it is essential to take the proper steps to restore your home as quickly as possible after a natural disaster or catastrophe occurs. Your insurance claims process is a critical step in restoring your home after a dangerous natural event occurs. The professionals at Expert Claim Solutions are here for you. We promise to fight for you to receive the highest insurance policy payout possible. 

Natural Disasters in the Tri-State Area

The tri-state area sits in a region that’s highly susceptible to natural disasters and catastrophes that have been made worse by drastic changes in climate within the past decade. Nestled near the Atlantic coast and several large bodies of water, residents in these states should be aware of the natural dangers that might affect them. These natural disasters may include hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, lightning storms, among other less common disasters. 

As a homeowner, it is crucial to be aware of threats to your property and learn what you can do to protect yourself, lessen the impact of potential damage, and keep your family safe. It is a good idea to have multiple plans of action in case different events occur, similar to practicing a regular fire evacuation plan. It is also wise to always listen to city and government officials’ warnings during storm-prone seasons. 

Natural Disaster Damage

Natural disaster covers a wide array of natural phenomena and events. These events can also range in severity, often denoted by scientific scales – such as measuring a hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. 

At Expert Claim Solutions, we handle both commercial and residential natural disaster-related damage insurance claims. No matter the extent or type of natural disaster-related damage to your property, we can assess your insurance claim efficiently. Licensed and bonded in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we can tackle your disaster damage property claims across the tri-state area. 

Natural disaster damage is exceptionally costly to insurance providers, which is why they may try to offer their insured the minimum payout, even for severe damage to their property. 

Expert Claim Solutions believes individuals deserve to receive a proper payout for their natural disaster damage and should never settle for anything less.

Effects of Natural Disasters

After a natural disaster occurs, numerous side effects can arise from the initial damage. These may include water contamination, damage to electrical and gas systems, severe erosion, mold growth, deadly fires, and property loss and displacement. 

Water & Flood Damage

One of the most common sub-categories of damage after a natural disaster is flood and water-related damage. A primary concern with water damage is the growth of dangerous toxigenic and pathogenic mold spores, because mold thrives in moist environments. Natural disasters often provide the perfect ecosystem for mold. 

Another concern is water contamination. After a storm, hazardous waters may flood your home, exposing your family to dangerous bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, sewage systems can overflow or back up, making the situation even more dangerous. These dangerous waters may even leech into your water supply, creating a deadly concoction. Therefore, in these instances it is best to avoid using any water supply that you are not 100% sure is safe.  

Damaged Electrical and Gas Systems

After storms, electrical lines, power lines, and gas systems can all be susceptible to extensive damage. Never approach exposed electrical wires or power lines that are down, especially near standing water. Gas leaks can also pose a threat and should be investigated as soon as possible. 

Erosion Around Your Property

Erosion is another side effect of many types of natural disasters, especially floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Erosion can wash away critical amounts of land from the foundation of your home. After a storm, make sure you have your home’s foundation inspected by a professional to ensure that it is not compromised. If you are worried about your home’s structural damage, Expert Claim Solutions can help with many referrals to local specialists for in-home inspection and storm damage restoration. 

Loss of Property/Displacement

One of the biggest problems with natural disasters is the sheer extent and force of their damage. This may include leaving families temporarily without shelter. Displacement is widespread after major natural disasters. The professional adjusters at Expert Claim Solutions want to help your family return home as quickly as possible. Call us today to begin your insurance claim process and find a home again.

Fire and Power Surges

After the initial shock of a natural disaster, electrical systems are often left exposed. Sometimes this can spark deadly fires, which leave property owners with further damage to their homes. Additionally, power surges can be hazardous. Be very careful after a natural catastrophe, especially near power sources.

After a Natural Disaster

There are several immediate concerns in the aftermath of a natural disaster, including damage sustained as well as the health and safety of your family and friends. Enlisting the help of a trained professional can make the process of restoring your home run more smoothly. The adjusters at Expert Claim Solutions excel at helping you assess your property damage efficiently and effectively. After a natural disaster, make sure everyone is safe, then call us to help return your home to its former glory.

Document Damage

Expert Claim Solutions will be able to help you most accurately document the extent of your damage after a natural disaster. However, since you know your property best, it is still wise to report any damage as soon as possible. This may include structural damage, loss of personal belongings, and damage to significant areas of your home. Take photos and write a list of the damage. Remember to do so only if it is safe to enter your home.

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