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Are you in need of an insurance claims adjuster? Our professionals at Expert Claim Solutions are here to help. Learn more about what we do and how we got started. Meet Michael, founder of Expert Claim Solutions, and take a look at the services we offer. We want to help you receive the best settlement for your property damage assessment today. Furthermore, we specialize in both commercial and residential claims across the tri-state area. 

About Us

At Expert Claim Solutions, we work to get you the highest possible payout. We put our clients’ needs first and are always looking for ways to make a customer’s experience run smoothly. Let Michael DeRita and Beth Creamer help you with your insurance claims today.

Meet Michael DeRita

Licensed and bonded in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, Michael began Expert Claim Solutions with extensive knowledge under his belt. 

Michael’s numerous qualifications include IICRC certification since 1994. He also graduated from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in business and real estate management. After graduation, Michael spent time buying and rehabbing rental properties in the tri-state area before moving on to the business of property claims adjusting. 

In total, 26 years of experience has led to a constantly evolving and reliable adjuster-client relationship at Expert Claim Solutions. As a seasoned adjuster, Michael believes that insurance claims should not deal with nonsense philosophies, but should focus on achieving the highest settlement possible. Because of this, he implemented all the elements that worked best at three other insurance claims firms to create the family-owned Expert Claim Solutions. 

Meet Beth Creamer

Expert Claim Solutions executive assistant Beth Creamer is also licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Beth has spent 15 years in business as both an insurance adjuster and an executive assistant. Beth first encountered adjusting through her mother and sister, who were both active in the public adjusting world. Since then, she has worked closely with Michael for 10 years after working for two previous adjusters. Since Beth is licensed, she can help clients if another adjuster is not currently available. She can handle immediate jobs that might otherwise have to wait. This makes her an extremely valuable member of Expert Claim Solutions. 

Better Together

Together, Beth and Michael are a dynamic duo who will fight for your highest possible payout. Don’t hesitate to call Expert Claim Solutions today.

What We Offer

What we offer you is excellent service, quick response time, and the promise that we will help you receive the highest possible settlement for your property damage. Whatever your needs are, at Expert Claim Solutions, we want to help foster an environment of client satisfaction. 

We offer services for water damage, natural disaster damage, and our primary focus is fire and smoke damage. Regardless of the type of damage your property has sustained, you can count on us to quickly assess the situation and begin fighting for your claim. 

Our dedication to our customers is not something we take lightly. We understand that prolonged exposure to all types of damage can affect people’s physical and mental health in both residential and commercial settings. 

Business owners may suffer significantly from having to close their business temporarily and losing money. Smoke, fire, and water damage all carry with them increased health risks, from smoke inhalation to inhaling dangerous mold spores due to excess moisture. 

Furthermore, structural integrity can also be compromised after sustained property damage. To ensure the safety of you, your family, furry friends, and customers, call us today to begin your insurance claims process as soon as possible. Michael and his team of professional adjusters are here to help immediately. 

Contact Us at Expert Claim Solutions Today

If you need a property insurance claims adjuster, then look no further than Expert Claim Solutions. Our services are available across the tri-state area. With over 26 years of experience and numerous certifications, we are here to fight for you. Want to learn more? Call or email us today at or 609-800-5540. 

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