Restoration and insurance policies can be a curve ball for your settlement process.

3 Common Restoration Problems with Insurance

When it comes to restoration and insurance policies, it might seem like nothing will run smoothly. The issues homeowners face regarding their insurance claims process can feel endless. However, there are many helpful resources that property owners can use to help them expedite their restoration claims process. You need a basic understanding of restoration and insurance policies before you can begin repairing your property. Luckily, a trusted claims adjuster can help you with their years of knowledge and expertise. Call Expert Claim Solutions. 

In fact, Expert Claim Solutions can help with multiple types of insurance claims, including water damage, fire/smoke damage, storm damage, and natural disaster-related damage. Whatever your restoration needs are, we can help with sifting through insurance policy jargon. Here are three common restoration problems with insurance and how you can fix them today!

Insurance Did Not Document Damage Properly

Insurance companies should accurately document property damage to begin your claim process. However, this does not always happen. That is why you should also document damage when it is safe to do so after an incident occurs. Even taking a few photos can make a difference in how smoothly insurance and restoration policies investigate operations. 

However, you don’t have to face this obstacle alone. Improper documentation of initial damage is something we know how to handle at Expert Claim Solutions. You know us as the experts. We tackle the claims process. We can help you even if initial damage was improperly documented, and we will fight for the highest settlement possible. 

You Received an Unfair Payout

You deserve the right amount of money to begin restoration when your property has been damaged. However, insurance companies frequently give individuals low payouts regarding their property damage. When this happens, you can bring in the help of an outside adjuster. At Expert Claim Solutions, we have the resources, knowledge, and sense of justice needed for your claim. 

Home Restoration and Insurance Policies

After damage has occurred on your property, chances are you just want to get back to life as normal quickly. In some cases, you might have already looked into restoration services near you and started restoring your property. However, insurance policies make it difficult for you to begin restoration early on if papers and documentation are still being processed. This can become a major issue, causing you to pause restoration, find somewhere to live temporarily, and lose income. The solution isn’t always simple, but with Expert Claim Solutions, we can push to expedite your claims process so you don’t have to fall behind on your restoration dreams.  

Give Us a Call for Restoration and Insurance Policies Help

If you have suffered through any of these restoration and insurance policies issues, then don’t wait another day to get help. Our experts have over 25 years of experience under our belts to help fight for your highest payout. Give us a call at 609-800-5540 today. 

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