Storm Damage

Storm damage happens quickly and leaves homeowners trying to make sense of the extent of destruction to their property. Storm damage is also somewhat unpredictable; there is no fail-proof way to avoid storm damage. However, after the storm, taking the proper precautions can help you return your home to its former glory faster. Your insurance claims process is a critical step in restoring your home after storm damage. The professionals at Expert Claim Solutions are here for you. We promise to fight for you to receive the highest insurance policy payout possible.  

Causes of Damage

At Expert Claim Solutions, we handle both commercial and residential natural disaster-related damage insurance claims. No matter the extent or type of storm damage to your property, we can assess your insurance claim efficiently. Licensed and bonded in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we are available to tackle your storm damage property claims across the tri-state area.

There are many different types of storms that can damage your home or business. Natural disasters are destructive forces caused by nature that leave costly damage in their wake. Most insurance companies end up paying astronomical amounts of money every year to cover natural disasters and storm-related damage. Because of this, it is not surprising that they try to give out minimal payouts. Expert Claim Solutions believes individuals deserve to receive a fair payout for their storm damage and should never settle for anything less. 

Natural disasters that can cause damage include hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, lightning storms, among other less common disasters. In the tri-state area, flooding, hurricanes, and other intense storms are expected. Since this region is located near the Atlantic Ocean and many large bodies of water, residents in these states should learn what they can do to protect themselves from deadly storm damage. 


Effects of Storm Damage

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, there are several immediate concerns. There is a wide variety of types of storm damage. Every scenario is different. Homeowners may notice certain types of damage in their home which others in their neighborhood did not suffer. Therefore, it is essential to call a trained professional at Expert Claim Solutions as soon as possible to help you assess your situation most accurately.

Water Contamination

One of the most common elements of storm damage is water damage. Water damage can come in all forms, from ruined property to standing water to floods. However, perhaps the biggest concern is water contamination. After a storm, tainted waters may flood your home, leaving you and your personal belongings exposed to dangerous bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, sewage systems can overflow or back up, making the situation even more hazardous..  

Damaged Electrical and Gas Systems

After storms, electrical systems, power lines, and gas systems are all susceptible to extensive damage. Never approach exposed electrical wires or power lines that are down, especially near standing water. Gas leaks can also pose a threat and should be investigated as soon as possible. 

Erosion Around Your Property

Extensive erosion often takes place after storms, especially hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. This can pose a hazard for your property, washing away critical amounts of land from the foundation. After a storm, make sure you have your home’s foundation inspected by a professional to ensure that it is not compromised. If you are worried about your home’s structural damage, Expert Claim Solutions can help with referrals to local specialists for in-home inspection and storm damage restoration. 

Mold Growth

Mold’s best friend is moisture, so storms provide mold the perfect opportunity for mold to blossom. These dangerous mold growths can be a massive risk to your health, especially if you have pre-existing conditions like asthma, lung or heart problems, or are pregnant, elderly, or very young. To avoid the growth of pathogenic and toxigenic mold spores, Expert Claim Solutions might recommend a mold remediation specialist as soon as possible after sustaining storm damage. 

Loss of Property/Displacement

Many people may forget that if storm damage is bad enough, it can leave them temporarily without the sanctuary of their home. If your home has sustained enough damage, you now are faced with finding immediate shelter. This can be a stressful time for property owners, leading to mental and physical health problems. Therefore, call the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions as soon as possible. We will help you find comfortable temporary accommodations for you and your family, including your pets, then fight for the highest payout potential to quickly return you safely to your home. 

Fire and Power Surges

Especially during or after lightning storms, power surges can pose a threat to businesses and homeowners alike. You can help protect your home by using software and technologies with storm surge protection. Sometimes fires can spark after lightning storms or power surges, leading to further damage. Fires also pose some health risks to individuals, including burns and smoke inhalation. Power surges can also damage electrical components, and electronics in the home

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