Water Damage Claims

If you or someone you know has sustained significant water damage to your property, call Expert Claim Solutions today. Our trained insurance claims adjuster offers services across the tri-state area. We specialize in getting you the maximum payout from your insurance company for fire and smoke damage, natural disaster damage, and all water damage.

Types of Water Damage

Many factors can contribute to water damage; as a result, there are many different types of water damage. Each situation is unique and should be evaluated separately to receive your highest claim payout possible. Let the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions help you today. 

Storm Damage and Flooding

Storms of any kind can drench your property with extreme water levels. Winds alone can tear away shingles, knock down tree branches, and leave you without electricity. Add to high winds the extreme power of torrential rains, and you may be facing severe water damage. In hurricane-prone areas, homes may face flooding, water seeping inside, ruined walls and property, and compromised structural integrity.

Plumbing Problems

Another type of water damage arises from plumbing problems. Whether these problems originate from improper installation of plumbing in the first place or because of wear and tear, they both contribute to damage in your home. Do not put up with leaky or corroded pipes. Make sure to replace plumbing that can lead to water damage. Expert Claim Solutions knows how to handle your plumbing-related problems efficiently. 

Bad Sewer Systems

Less common, but still a risk, is an improper sewer drainage system. This can lead to sewage backup in your home. Sewage water damage in your home poses an even more significant threat to your health and home, because the water is contaminated with harmful particles. 

Burst Pipes

Another issue that the Expert Claim Solutions professionals can help you with is water damage related to burst or frozen pipes. Burst pipes can happen both within and around your home or business. They are more common in the wintertime, when burst pipes can flood your home and saturate surfaces with harmful water supplies. In addition, the plumbing system may need significant repairs after the fact.

Other Risks of Water Damage

Water damage also poses several risks to your health. Therefore, it is critical to be proactive about fixing the problem area(s) and receiving your highest claim payout possible. Some risks are more immediate than others, and you should avoid these threats at all costs. Nevertheless, it is best to learn what you can do to quickly return your home or business to a safe environment for you, your family, and your customers. 

Mold Growth

When water damage occurs, often exposed areas are left with high levels of excess moisture. This moisture can accumulate and contribute to mold growth. Mold spores can pose several health risks, including lung cancer, asthma problems, headaches, shortness of breath, and autoimmune disorders. After sustaining water damage, make sure you have your home correctly cleaned, aired out, and dried to avoid mold development. 

Contaminated Water

When flooding occurs, water tables, plumbing, and supplies may become compromised by contaminated waters. These waters often flow through dirty, waste-filled areas, sometimes even interfering with overflowing sewage or drainage systems. If these waters impact your water supply, you will need to ensure that your water supply is safe to drink before using it again. City officials usually send our warnings when drinking water is compromised, but it is always a good idea to have your systems inspected. 

Damaged Insulation

After water damage, areas where insulation, walls, and flooring are exposed may end up drenched in water. This can cause these surfaces to be ruined and release other potentially harmful substances. Insulation may contain other toxic substances that can easily spread throughout your home, posing health risks to those who inhale them. 

Structural Integrity Can Be Compromised

One of the highest risks of water damage is your home’s structural integrity being compromised. You do not want to take this threat lightly. When your home’s structure is potentially weakened by water damage, flooding, and high water levels, you should immediately call for help. Make sure to document the damage extensively with photographs and keep a log of all personal property damaged. Call the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions; we work with you to get you what you deserve from your insurance company. 

Dangerous Electrical Exposure

We all know the water and electricity do not mix, but it is easy to overlook the potential risk of water damage to electrical wiring after a storm. After all, this damage might not be visible, like ruined flooring or soaked carpeting. Nevertheless, it can pose one of the most significant risks to homeowners after storms, especially after high water levels and flooding. 

Make sure to have an expert electrician examine your home. If you are unsure whether any area or item is safe to touch, avoid it at all costs. It is always better to be cautious in these situations. 

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