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What Not to Do After You Sustain Property Damage

Residential property damage of any kind can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the best source of action is after you have sustained property damage. Who do you call first? Should you let your family know? Can you stay on your property? Do you document that damage for the insurance company or leave it to them? How do you know you’ll receive a fair settlement from your insurance company?

The list of pressing questions can go on and on, causing you anxiety, loss of sleep, and not bringing you any closer to solving your property damage issues. Therefore, it’s helpful to bring in the help of a licensed and professional New Jersey insurance adjuster. Our team at Expert Claim Solutions is here to help you take the right path following property damage of all types. Here is what not to do after you sustain residential property damage. 

Don’t Remove Evidence of Damage Without Proper Documentation 

One of the biggest mistakes any homeowner can make after residential property damage is in the cleanup. Never clean your property before damage has been documented. While it’s tempting to begin cleanup right away, you need evidence of that property damage for your claims process. That is why it’s best to bring in professional help from a seasoned claims adjuster. They can help you document damage for your insurance company accurately to ensure the next steps of your claims process run smoothly. Then the cleanup can begin and you can get on the right track to restoring your property. 

Don’t Start Home Repairs Until Advised

It is also a good idea to hold off on home repairs and restoration (other than minor procedures) until advised to do so by your tri-state area claims adjuster. Why? First, beginning a property damage restoration service without knowing what your settlement from your insurance company will be can leave you in heavy debt. You never know what your insurance company will decide. However, that is also why it’s important to hire an Expert Claim Solutions insurance adjuster in the first place. We can advise you on when to begin repairs and fight for your highest payout possible to ensure you can restore your home without worrying about your budget. 

Don’t Put Up With Unfair Settlements

It is also unwise to put up with an unfair settlement from your insurance company. Insurance providers will often try to get away with paying out as little as possible to homeowners who have sustained residential property damage. Our job as insurance adjusters at Expert Claim Solutions is to help determine the extent to which your insurance company might be liable for your residential property damage. 

Do Contact Us for Residential Property Damage Help

Dealing with the aftermath of residential property damage such as fire, smoke, wind, or water damage is already stressful. That’s before you add filing lengthy insurance claims and fighting for a proper settlement into the mix. Luckily, insurance claims proceedings don’t have to be a total mess. Just avoid these common claims mistakes. Instead, make the right choice and contact the professionals at Expert Claim Solutions today to kickstart your insurance claims process. 

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